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The main aim of the project is to build the capacity of CVET providers in order to better adapt their organizations and their trainers in supporting the SMEs in the CVET training needed to reskill and upskill their managers and employees to adapt them to digital transformation.

Among the main outputs expected to be achieved by the project are the organisation of study visits, capacity building activities, collection of best practices on CVET, development of individual training pathways for SME employees and managers, and holding training for trainers through blended learning. All outcomes will be developed by taking into account the different generations, their different ways of working, communicating, values and their digital gaps.

The target groups of the project are CVET providers’, CVET providers‘ trainers, the SMEs involved in digital transformation, their employees and managers and the in company mentors.

The foreseen impact of the project is to enhance the role of CVET providers and prepare them to better reskill employees at SMEs, contributing to their better competitiveness on the labour market, employability and adaptability to digital transformation and intergenerational learning.

Project realized with the financial support of the European Union