1. Entry in the BCCI Trade Register of
  2. Maintenance and updating of the information on file concerning the status of companies and firms
  3. References and information about:

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    Tel: (+ 359 2) 987 88 84, 987 26 31 (ext. 102, 129), 988 45 05


  4. Issuing and validation of foreign trade documents:
    • Certificates with information from the Trade Register, issued to Bulgarian and foreign companies, in confirmation of their status. The documents are used in proof of the company’s identity before foreign partners, embassies, customs authorities, banks; for the registration of companies or representative offices abroad; for participation in international tenders, competitions, projects, etc.
    • Certificates of origin of goods and export invoices
    • Validation of signatures on declarations, powers of attorney, contracts, price-lists, etc.
    • Validation of invitation-declarations for business trips of foreigners to Bulgaria
    • Other certifying documents

    Contact number:
    Tel: (+ 359 2) 987 26 31 (ext. 220, 222, 234, 102, 129)


  5. Force-Majeure Certificates
    The documents are issued upon request of Bulgarian businessmen, party to foreign trade contracts, who due to objective impossibility have not fulfilled contractual obligations to foreign partners because of certain unpredictable (force-majeure) circumstances, i.e. fire, accidents, natural calamities, embargo, governmental restrictions, et. al. The Force-Majeure Certificate is written on paper with the letterhead of the BCCI, in Bulgarian or foreign language. The document is acknowledged internationally and is accepted as evidence by all international arbitration institutions.

    Contact number:
    Tel: (+ 359 2) 987 88 84, 987 26 31 (ext. 102)


  6. Validation and guaranteeing of the unified international customs document ATA Carnet.

    The ATA Carnet is a unified international customs guarantee document for temporary importation, exportation and transit of goods under the International Convention ATA. Under the Bulgarian legislation, its use is regulated by the Rules for the Application of the Law on Customs.

    Bulgaria joined the Convention ATA in 1964, and its application began in 1967. Ever since, the BCCI has been the issuing and guaranteeing organization of ATA Carnets. The Chamber is a member of the International ATA Guarantee Chain, established with the International Bureau of Chambers of Commerce with the International Chamber of Commerce, Paris.

    Advantages from the use of ATA Carnets:

    • Simplification and acceleration of customs procedures, by avoiding payment of customs deposits;
    • Once issued, the document can be used in an unlimited number of countries, within one year of the day of its issue.

    The ATA Carnet is used for exportation, importation and transit of:

    • Exhibits for participation in international fairs, exhibitions, presentations and other similar events
    • Professional materials - musical instruments, computer equipment, office equipment, TV, video and cinema equipment, theater and circus stage-property
    • Objects of art
    • Sports equipment, etc.

    The goods, covered by ATA Carnets can be transported by any type of means, i.e. air plane, train, trucks, etc. The only obligatory requirement according to the Convention is the goods to be reimported in the same state as exported, and, within the Carnet`s validity, which cannot surpass one year as of the day when it was issued.

    The ATA Carnet can be issued for all countries that have signed the Convention, the guaranteeing and issuing organization under it being:

    List of countries that have signed the Convention

    Contact number:
    Tel. (+ 359 2) 988 45 05, 987 26 31 (ext. 129)