Application form for direct member


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representative of
            (enter the full name of the trader, the company etc.)


On the grounds of art. 15, para 1 of the Articles of Association of the BCCI I would like the represented by me 

seated in  to be enrolled as a direct member of the Chamber.

The above cited is an associated member of the BCCI entered in its Unified trade register under № with resolution dated .
The information liable to registration has been updated up to present moment. has not been declared in proceedings of insolvency nor in a procedure of liquidation.

I declare that we accept the Articles of Association of the Chamber, the Code of Ethics and upon performing our economic activity we will be complying the ethic and moral standards of the market, the laws and the international trade conventions and by our actions we will not injure the authority of the Bulgarian business circles and of the BCCI as their representative.

As a BCCI direct member I would like to make use of:
  the minimal package of services – to the value of BGN 250;
  the standard package of services – to the value of BGN 800;
  the extended package of services – to the value of BGN 2 500

I declare that upon the enrollment of as a BCCI direct member, the same will strictly do its duties, ensuing from the Articles of Association of the Chamber and will duly pay the membership fee in good time. The non-compliance with the latter shall be deemed as a reason for termination of membership in compliance with art. 19, para 1, item 2 of the Articles of Association


  1. Certified copy of the balance for the previous year and the profit and loss accounts /except for the cases when an annual financial report has been submitted to the BCCI/;
  2. Completed registration card after the BCCI pattern.