INNOVATIONS monthly bulletin
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Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) is the new measure implemented by the European Commission, which provides SMEs with integrated services in support of business and innovation in Europe. EEN is the successor of the 370 Euro Info Centres and the 250 Innovation Relay Centres.

The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is one of the host structures of the new network whose key element is the “No wrong door” concept, aiming at improving the access and proximity for SMEs to services. The network will raise awareness among SMEs regarding Community policy issues, environmental matters, eco-efficiency, Cohesion policy and Structural funds. The EEN will also consult business and obtain their opinions on Community policy options.

The EEN, hosted by the BCCI provides the following services:

  • Disseminating information on functioning and opportunities of the Internal market on goods, services, incl. signposting to tender opportunities
  • Promoting EC initiatives, policies and programmes relevant for SMEs, information on application procedures
  • Operating tools to measure impact of existing legislation on SMEs
  • Contributing to carrying-out of impact assessments of the Commission
  • Operating other means to engage SMEs in EU-policy-making process
  • Assisting SMEs in cross-border activities and international networking
  • Support SMEs to find partners from private/public sector
  • Disseminating information and raising awareness on innovation policies, legislation, support programmes
  • Brokerage services for technology and knowledge transfer, partnership building between innovation actors
  • Raising awareness among SMEs on FP7
  • Assisting SMEs in preparation and coordination of proposals for participation in FP7
A "no wrong door: no closed door" approach ensures that SMEs access to such services is simplified. Building on the strengths and achievements of the current Euro Info Centres and the Innovation Relay Centres, the new network aims to enhance the competitiveness and innovation capacity of European companies, in particular SMEs.