BCCI presented its annual awards
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At official ceremony, held on 5 December at the Sheraton hotel, the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry announced its annual awards. Representatives of the government, members of the cabinet, diplomats and business people, journalists, attended the Awards presentation.

This tradition dates back from 1994. The importance of the awards which the Chamber delivered for the 13th consecutive year, is due to the participation of 5 000 companies that are the most active in the Bulgarian economy and the use of objective evaluation criteria.

The companies participating in BCCI’s “Top 100” and “Top 300” classification for this year form 55 % of the GDP of our country and realize sales revenues to the amount of 67 billion BGN for the year 2006.

BCCI’s awards are based on classic criteria, applied in FORBS and FORTUNE’s world classifications – ending the year with profit, growth in sales revenues, effective investment of own resources, good marketing and good name.

BCCI’s annual prizes are an original indicator of entrepreneurial activity and a stimulus to the Bulgarian business.

In the category of “Ambassador”, the Hermes statuette and an Honorary Diploma were awarded to H. E. Michael Humhreys – Head of the Representation of the European Commission to Bulgaria – for contribution to the integration of the Bulgarian business in the Common European Market .

Ingrid Shikova – Chairman of the Euroclub at the BCCI - was distinguished for her exceptional contribution to the successful realization of the Chamber’s activity in the Euro-integration process for Bulgarian entrepreneurs.

“FSP-FOT Construction and Entrepreneurship” Ltd. , Sofia, was ranked first among the Top-100 companies classified by maximal alteration of sales revenues ratio 2006 to 2005
“Roads and road facilities” Plc., Varna,
was ranked first
among the companies
in the Top 300 category classified by
profit achieved for
sales revenues of 100 BGN

The National Hotel Management Club is prizewinner for its contribution to the development of the hotel-keeping branch as one of the most prosperous in the Bulgarian economy.

The National Sectorial Bee-Farming Union
was awarded for
contribution to the achievement of
BCCI’s aims and tasks .

Winner in the category of Regional Chamber of Industry and Commerce is the
Rouse Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
H.E. Hamdia Yahich – Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina – received award for his exceptional contribution to the acceleration of economic cooperation and promotion of the bilateral relations between the chambers of commerce of the two countries.

Mr. Yuraj Melioris – First Secretary for Economic and Commercial Affairs at the Embassy of the Czech Republic received award for exceptional contribution to the acceleration of the economic cooperation and for encouragement of the bilateral relations between the chambers of commerce of the two countries
Mr. Stefan Nedelchev – chief editor for the “Pari” newspaper is prizewinner in the Media category for best coverage of the challenges confronting the Bulgarian business and BCCI’s activity during the first year of Bulgaria’s EU membership.


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