Topic: EUOCHAMBRES Board Meeting and European Parliament of Enterprises

Date: 11-06-2018



In the process of preparation of the Chairmanship of Bulgaria of the Council of EU the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is expecting to host the EUROCHAMBRES Board Meeting on 11 – 12 June 2018. One of the most significant initiatives of the Association and the whole system of Chamber of Commerce and industry across Europe, part of which is BCCI is the European Parliament of Enterprises /EPE/. The Initiative was set up on 14 October 2008.


The concept of the "European Parliament of Enterprises” originated from the consideration that there is a democratic gap between the European institutions and the main actors of economic growth, entrepreneurs and that, consequently, European legislators do not sufficiently take into account entrepreneurs' concerns.


On the other hand, businesses are largely unfamiliar with the role and functioning of the European Union and the significance that the institutions’ decisions can have on their activities and results.


The EPE recreates a parliamentary session and give the floor to European entrepreneurs.  This highlights the “economic democracy” of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry through their representation and their structure.


Entrepreneurs, or Members of the European Parliament of Enterprises (MEPEs), gather for one day and discuss hot topics for the economic development of EU and the region. The composition of the EPE reflects the number of Members of the European Parliament per member state.


The event will welcome: representatives of EUROCHAMBRES, European entrepreneurs, Bulgarian representatives of business circles, Presidents of Regional CCIs in Bulgaria, representatives of Sector Associations, representatives of the Association of Bulgarian Employers, members of the Bulgarian Parliament, members of the EU Parliament, members of the Bulgarian Government, representatives of European institutions, diplomats, media etc.




Detail information will follow.