Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance for Iraq

rade firms, members of the BCCI
  Firm: Address (Tel./Fax,
ted by:
Scope of
Previous experience
- Participation in
reconstruction processes:
The Firm is prepared to participate in the following activities: Expected support by the Government:
1142 Sofia
91, . Georgiev Blvd.
Tel.: (+359 2) 981 37 11
986 16 61
Fax: (+359 2) 987 86 63
E-mail: ttgroup@bol.bg
Dobromir Radoev Papazov - Manager - General Commercial activities (Import-Export)
- representation and commission activities.
YES, new and used rail transportation equipment,
foodstuff and mineral water,
Household goods, yarn and machine knitting, different types of blankets, recruitment of crew for ocean ships.
In all of the stated fields of activity.  
Res. complex
64, Tsarigradsko shosse Blvd.
bl. 11, Entr. G, ground floor
Tel./Fax: (+359 2) 974 32 61,
974 31 38,
(+359 88) 25 33 20
E-mail: bpcniksi@bulinfo.net
Nikolay Lyubomirov Zehirev
Production and trading with: Baby and childrens foods; First aid and urgent medical help products. No. Deliveries of:
Production and trading with: Baby and childrens foods; First aid and urgent medical help products.
Provision of opportunities for implementation of the deals, warranties regarding the payments.
16, Iliensko shosse Blvd.
Tel.: (+359 2) 936 03 61/63/64
Fax: (+359 2) 936 03 68
E-mail: pharma.e@ttm.bg
Assen Stoyanov Trading with medicines. YES, as direct Contractor.
Participation in the programs Oil for Food. Collection and implementation of orders for deliveries of medicines. PHARMAHIM HOLDING D is registered in Iraq as supplier of medicines.
1. Deliveries of medicines;
2. Deliveries of dressing materials.
To put all efforts, required in connection with the negotiations for the participation of Bulgarian firms in the reconstruction processes in Iraq.
4. ADIMEX & KONDEV D 1612 Sofia
57, i Bue Str., Floor 1
Tel.: (+359 2) 954 91 68,
954 92 68
Fax: (+359 2) 954 92 89
E-mail: adk@trading.bg
Adriana Pesheva, Dimitar ndev Import/export and distribution of all kinds of tires of leading brands: Continental, Semperit, Uniroyal, Viking, Barum, Mitas, Matador, Bridgestone, Firestone, as well Russian-made tires from the manufacturers. No.
Capabilities to deliver all types of tires.
Deliveries (from import) of tires for trucks, trailers, road-construction machines, agricultural equipment, light cargo automobiles, passenger cars, motorcycles and many more.  
5. BALANS D 5140 Lyaskovets
xim Raikovich Str.
Tel.: (+359 619) 2 20 84
Fax: (+359 619) 2 21 59
E-mail: balans@mbox.digsys.bg
Ivan Minchev
Executive Director
Production and trading with weight measurement devices (scales mechanical and electronic) measurement range from 1 kg to 150 t, including: commercial use scales, scales for industrial purposes, automobile scales, medical scales, scales for use in the field of the agriculture, household scales. No. Production of scales, intended for furnishing of commercial facilities, for industrial organizations, storage facilities, hospitals, the agriculture, household and other sites. Intermediation in connection with involvement of the Firm in projects, related to the implementation and the reconstruction of sites, deliveries of scales.
1407 Sofia
13, ishinev Str.
Entr. B, Ap. 15, Floor 1
Tel/Fax: (+359 2) 962 46 81,
962 41 81,
68 35 82
E-mail: etwin@internet-bg.net
Gencho Velev Trading with dressing materials. No. Dressing materials gauze and products made of gauze. We have experience in the field of the dressing materials in 80-ies and the beginning of 90-ies for Iraq. Deliveries of dressing materials. Deliveries quota for dressing materials for the hospitals in Iraq after the end of the war.
119, Iliantsi Blvd.
Tel.: (+359 2) 931 12 46
Fax: (+359 2) 931 04 97
E-mail: office@metalsnab.com
Alexandar Ivanov shukeev
President of the Managerial Board;
Ivan Alexandrov shukeev
Executive Director
Trading with metals and non-metal products steel for reinforcement of steel-concrete constructions, long products (assorted bar iron), flat products (sheet iron), steel pipes (seam- and seamless), products from non-ferrous metals; service activities in connection with cutting up, form changes in products, non-metal products and goods for building and construction use plastic piping systems for transportation of fluids, heat-insulating and hydro-insulating materials, accessories for building and construction use. YES, as Subcontractor.
Deliveries of metals and metal products.
LSNAB HOLDING D is the biggest in Republic Bulgaria commercial and industrial group, trading with metals and metal products as well for service activities in connection with cutting up, form changes in metals. LSNAB HOLDING D is certified in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2000 standard, by TUF Rheinland, possesses significant material inventory,qualified personnel and an established effective system of logistics to provide for implementation of complete deliveries to the Near East regions and Iraq. The management of LSNAB HOLDING D have visited Iraq many times as participants in governmental delegations and are acquainted with the structure of the consumption of metals in this country. The main part of the economy of Iraq was created with assistance from the countries within the ex-COMECON thus giving expectations for the products, offered by us. Information support for the sites, subject to reconstruction and in connection with the required deliveries of metals. Provision of state warranties regarding the exported goods.
8. D 1421 Sofia
20-B, Cherni Vrah Blvd. bl.1, Floor 7
Tel.: (+359 2) 963 00 62,
963 04 16,
66 82 17
Fax: (+359 2) 66 05 13
E-mail: mak@finance.bg
ria Nedev Trading with metals, wood materials and industrial goods YES, as Subcontractor.
Deliveries of wood materials and reinforcement steel.
Deliveries of metals, wooden materials and other industrial goods.  
PINT D 1113 Sofia
10, st Lulchev Str.
Tel.: (+359 2) 971 36 95,
973 37 23
Fax: (+359 2) 971 32 54
E-mail: mail@pointm.com
rin Pavlov Production of ladies, mens and childrens sweaters, blouses, cardigans etc. No.
Production of tricot knitwear products. Production of ladies, mens and childrens sweaters, blouses, cardigans etc.
Deliveries of budget clothing to fulfill the needs, deliveries of clothing for the purposes of state organizations, the Army etc. Provision of information, related to the demands; assistance in connection with contacting the local partners.
10. CHET-PROM D teven
79, Varshets Str.
Tel.: (+359 678) 23 38,
50 25
Fax: (+359 678) 30 11
E-mail: chetprom@infotel.bg
Plamen Nichev
Production of different types of brushes. YES, as Subcontractor.
Deliveries of toothbrushes, brushes for paintwork, household brushes and other kinds of brushes.
Deliveries of different types of brushes for building/construction and reconstruction activities, participation in tenders for humanitarian aid, sanitary and hygiene packages etc. Timely provision of information.
1, G. . Dimitrov Blvd.
Tel.: (+359 2) 962 54 51,
962 54 52
Fax: (+359 2) 962 50 59
E-mail: comleague@mobikom.com
vi Vekov, Executive Director Pharmaceutics, distribution of medicines No. ARGOVSKA LIGA is a versatile supplier of over 6 000 products of more than 70 pharmaceutical concerns. The association is capable to undertake the deliveries of medicines for the coalition armies, participation in the Near East operations, as well for the entire population of Iraq, as immediate deliveries or scheduled deliveries mode. Information.
12. DIC D Sandansky
Industrial zone
Tel.: (+359 746) 3 42 20
Fax: (+359 746) 3 41 40
E-mail: info@medica.bg
Yanka Rizova &
Shulen, Executive Director
Production of dressing materials, surgical and stomatological products, disinfectants and medicines. No. Production of products from cotton, cotton for medical purpose, ladies tampons, cosmetic tabs, products from gaze compresses, bandages elastic, crepe, knitted, woven and gauze; Plasters Citoplast, Sanplast, Sanderma; Elastic products Knee- and ankle-protectors; elastic wrist bandages, elastic stockings. Disinfectants Pocisan, Dzictor, disol, medicines analgesics, anti-pyretics, Gastro-intestinal products, Valeriana, Hepcarsil, Troxemed, Bronchinol.  
13. N .BOROV Sofia 1619
5A, Nikola Petkov Blvd.
Tel.: (+359 2) 960 46 00
Fax: (+359 2) 957 14 97
E-mail: office@cantek.bg
Milch Ivanov Borov Dealing and servicing of office equipment.
Production and sales of office furniture.
14. LPR AD Sofia 1252
16, Sinchets Str.
Tel.: (+359 2) 996 31 12
Fax: (+359 2) 996 31 19
E-mail: lackprom@bulinfo.net
Haralamby Haralambiev - Executive Director Development and production of lacquers, painting and building materials, fluids and cosmetics for automobiles, synthetic resins, adhesives, thinners and hardeners. No. Deliveries of lacquers, paints, epoxy resins, adhesives, paint for horizontal road markings, thinners and hardeners for the above products. Provision of orders for deliveries of the above-mentioned products for the firms, participating in the reconstruction processes in Iraq.
15. V-R CORPORATION D 1612 Sofia
126, Tsar Boris-III Blvd.
Tel (+359 2) 955 91 52
Fax (+359 2) 955 91 51
E-mail: amc@techno-link.com
Kyrill Sandov Import and distribution of Citroen cars, spare parts and servicing, implementation of own conversions and transformations based on Citroen cars, into special purpose automobiles. No. Specialized reanimation vehicles, based on Jumper, Jumpy and Berlingo models. Minivans up to 14+1 seats, city and tourist variants, Police automobiles, refrigerating, high-sided trucks and other transformations for specialized cargo.  
6, loman Str.
Tel.: (+359 2) 932 03 48
Fax: (+359 2) 955 96 13
E-mail: m.damianov@reihold.com
Miroslav Damyanov,
Director Industrial Section,
Electrical engineering production of transformers, cables, conductors etc.
Power industry construction of substations and power-transmission lines;
Railway transport construction and repairs of railway network and rolling stock.
YES, as Subcontractor.
Kossovo delivery of cables, transformers etc.
Existence of previous experience in Iraq delivered transformers, cables etc. The company is prepared and willing to participate in the reconstruction processes in the field of the power energetics, building-construction and the railway transport. Inclusion of representatives of the firm in the negotiations in connection with specific projects.
17. R96 D Plovdiv
242, V. Levski Str., POB. 34
Tel./Fax: (+359 32) 95 41 39
Boris Ivanov Production of lighting fixtures and products for use in the electrical installations. No. Deliveries of lighting fixtures and products for the electrical installations. Warranties regarding the payments.
18. SIBILA-99 D Sofia,
23 Tsar Boris Boris-III Blvd., Ap.2,
Tel.:(+359 2) 952 0423;
Tel./Fax: (+359 2) 953 1672, E-mail: Sibila_99@infotel.bg
Kristalin Georgiev Parvanov Exclusive importer of sticky tapes EUROCEL, SICAD Group, Italy.
No. Sticky packing tapes and tapes for stick handles, including packing tapes with advertisement text; suitable for office purposes; for all kinds of painting procedures; for installation of profiles from metal, wood, rubbers, plastics, glass, papers, cardboards, plastified PVC etc.; for insulations for the air-conditioning, ventilation and refrigerating equipment, for water/ sewerage-related insulations, electrical insulations, signaling marks etc. Presentation of the offers of Bulgarian companies in connection with the deliveries consumables, after concrete specifications of the proposed assortment, characteristics and quantities.
19. UGUS-91 D Hisar,
3 Gurko str.,
Tel.:(+359) 337 63 811,
(+359) 337 63 821,
Fax.:(+359) 337 63 815
Pyrin Vassilev Atanasov Executive Director Hotel industry, restaurants, balneotherapy and balneological medicinal bath treatment, bottling of mineral water Hissar, organization of trips (within the country and abroad), provision of transport-related, advertising, cultural and other services, related to the international tourism. No. Export of mineral water Hissar.
Rest and recreation - balneological medicinal bath treatment for the army personnel, participated in the war, in ugusta Hotel /in the city of Hissar/.


LPR - HARNLY D Harmanly,
99 Bulgaria Blvd.,
Tel.: (+359 2) 965 1220,
Fax: (+359 2) 965 1234,
E-mail: info@elprommotors.com, sales@elprommotors.com,
Contact person:
Lyubka Bayova
Boris Todorov Boyadzhiev Design, production and trading with mono-phase and three-phase asynchronous electrical motors.
No. Deliveries of electric motors.  
21. SPARKY LS D Lovech,
9 Han ubrat str.,
Tel.: (+359) 68 600 550
Fax: (+359) 68 600 580,
E-mail: sparky_eltos@sparkygroup.com
Nikolay Kalbov Executive Director Production of electrical tools. No.
Production of various types of drilling machines, perforators, angle-grinding machines, polishing machines, milling machines, knife saws, grinding machines.
The Company is prepared to participate in the complete deliveries from Bulgaria; participation in tenders; deliveries of electrical tools to the companies, participating in the reconstruction activities.
Inclusion of the firm in connection with complete deliveries from Bulgaria; participation in tenders; deliveries of electrical tools to the companies, participating in the reconstruction activities.
22. HRANMASH ENG. D 6 000 Stara Zagora;
64 Tsar Ivan Shishman str.,
Tel.: (+359) 42 600 450
Fax: (+359) 42 600 451,
E-mail: office@hranmash.com;
nahil Delchev nahilov
1980-1983 Chief Engineer of compl. unit Factory for beverages and mineral water, city of Bani, Haylan, Iraq, (Turn-key) site.
Project cost: 15 mil.USD;
1987-1988 Manager of site Factory for artificial fermentation of tobacco city of Syu-leymania, Iraq (Turn-key) site.
Project cost: 22 mil.USD.
Engineering in the field of the food industry. YES as direct Contractor in 1988 Moving of the bottle-filling production lines and the main infrastructure of the factory in the city of Bani, Haylan, in the factory Zafrania, Baghdad.
1990 reconstructing and commissioning of Production line for tomato paste in the city of Numania, Iraq.
1991 reconstructing of the capacity and the capabilities, quality improvement of the end product of the Production line for tomato paste in the city of Bakuba, Iraq.
The firm HRANMASH ENG. D possesses:
1. Approved /by the United Nations/ section for the program for Iraq Contract . 801101-dated 6 November, 2002 for the delivery of 10 (ten) production lines for the production of tomato paste, total cost 5 017 072 Swiss francs.
2. Approved by the United Nations section for the program for Iraq contracts for the delivery of:
- aspirator for grain crops, Contract . 1101447, amounting to 779 075 Euro
- spare parts, Contract . 1101448, amounting to 77 908 Euro.
To assist in connection with the opening of the financing of the confirmed contracts;
Being a company with an experience on the market in Iraq, to include HRANMASH ENG. D as a Contractor in the program for the reconstruction of the food industry of Iraq.
23 ELPAK 9002 Varna
12, Ivan Bogdanov Str.
Tel.: +359 52 602360
Fax: +359 52 699060
E-mail: elpak@elpak.bg
Eng. Plamen Kalaidjiev, manager Distribution and service of medical apparatuses, instruments and consumables.

Full equipment and furniture for hospitals, clinics. Installation, assembling and service.


Distribution and service of medical apparatuses, instruments and consumables.

Full equipment and furniture for hospitals, clinics. Installation, assembling and service.

Supply with all kind of medical apparatuses, instruments and consumables.

Full equipment and furniture for hospitals, clinics. Installation, assembling and service.

Supply with information for particular projects, connected with need of delivery of medical equipment. If our offers are approved we will expect support in the export for Iraq in case the current legislation is an obstacle.
47, Shipchenski prohod Blvd.
Jeliazko Petrov, manager Producer of natural mineral water Ice Breath reg. .2885/19.02.03, issued by the Ministry of Economy No Delivery of mineral water for Iraq. The production capacity of the company is: 97 000 packs/month for 1,5 l/12 bottles in a pack/ or 1 164 000 bottles/month with future possibilities for increasing. According to the concession contract the company disposes of 7l./sec mineral water what enables increasing production to 8 730 000 l/month

Transportation: shipments in containers 40''. We guarantee good commercial look of the products after delivery

Questions, related to delivery of mineral water to Iraq:

Required packing and labels /text on the label/; necessary quantity of mineral water; transport, prices etc.

1, Varna Str.
Tel.: +359 745 235 39
Fax: +359 745 33 62
Pirin Vasilev Atanasov, executive director Trade with consumer goods, trade with electronic goods and devices No Production of relays, circuit closers, breakers, buttons  
26 Modtriko plc Levski
52, Hristo Botev str.
Tel.: +359 650 24 88, 24 56,
Fax: +359 650 24 88
Hristo Stoianov Tashev, executive director Production and trade in BG and abroad with knitted clothes, marketing, promotion, exchange of technologies, info services and consulting, engineering No Manufacturing of knitted clothes  
95, Maria Louiza Blvd.
Tel.: +359 2 9311165
Fax: +359 2 9311455
E-mail: raznoiznos@mbox.cit.bg
Dimitar Pampulov, executive director Foreign trade operations, import, export, re export Yes, as a subcontractor

Export of food products, mineral water, vegetables, consumer goods

Export of consumer goods, food products  
28 STS DRINKS PLC Gabrovo 5300
P.O.Box 601
Tel.: +359 66 61320
Fax: +359 66 61085
Ivan Lesev, executive director Manufacturing of mineral water and soft drinks Yes, as subcontractor Export of mineral water and soft drinks. Delivery of mineral water AERO water + oxygen  
29 ECO BOTTLES LTD   At.Angelov, manager Manufacturing of mineral water No Mineral water Predela - 1 500 000 bottles/ 1,5 l, term of delivery 4-10 days; most convenient transport TIR Bulgaria Turkey - Iraq. Transport price 4 400 - 4 800 BGL.  
34, Totleben Blvd.
P.O.Box 70
Tel.: +359 2 9516563
Fax: 9515453
E-mail: metimp@einet.bg
Svetoslav Tonchev Trade with iron, metal constructions, industrial metal constructions, production of aluminum articles, consulting Yes, as a subcontractor

Delivery of fixture iron, metal constructions, metal articles, aluminum doors and windows, wooden windows and doors

Sub-supplier of construction companies, consulting To be included as a supplier of Bulgarian goods
Industrial estate
Office: 1505 Sofia
23, Sitniakovo Blvd.
Tel.: +359 2 944 61 57, 944 63 45
Fax: +3592 943 45 31
E-mail: papas_olio@declera.com
Georgi Ivanov Tashev, executive director Production of crude and refined sunflower oil

Trade and export of agriculture products: wheat, barley, maize, sunflower seeds

No Supply with food products crude and refined sunflower oil /bottled and not/;

Supply with wheat, barley, maize, sunflower seeds

Support by the Government in order the company to be included as a side in auctions for delivery of food products - wheat, barley, maize, sunflower seeds and oil
32 NIKE GROUP PLC 1408 Sofia
Petko Karavelov Blvd.,
bl.76, entr. G, ap.59
E-mail: nikegroup@mail.bg
Eleonora Negulova, executive director Bottling of mineral water No The company is can export mineral water to Iraq:

Quantity: 1 container/day; Time for delivery: - 7 days from the enquiry, price ex work by sea transport; transport costs 20feet container to Tertus, Syria - 1 600 .

We expect the support of the Government. The company is a strategic investor for Godech Municipality
33 BULMINVEX GB LTD 1614 Sofia
14, Borislav Ogoiski Str.
Tel.: +359 2 957 6075
Fax: +359 2 957 6076
E-mail: bulminwex@sigma-bg.com
E-mail: www.sigma-bg.com/bulminwex
Ivan Petrov, manager Bottling of mineral water, trade mark Gorna bania 1 No Free quantities for export: 30 containers of 20 feet/month, /400 000 bottles of 1,5l/. We need 7 day to bottle the above quantities; The best way for transportation is via Kuwait ports, total costs 640 EUR + 1140 USD/20 dv FCA Sofia- CY Shuaiba /Kuwait/  
34 ZK AGRORODOPI Parvenetz
6 Simen Str.
Tel.: (+359 32) 27 17 09
Tel.: (+359 32) 26 31 48
Fax: (+359 32) 23 60 55
Srebro Ivanov Production of flour and grain fodder for ruminant and poultry No Supply with flour and grain fodder Export quotas
35 SLAVIANKA PLC 8000 Burgas
3, Industrial Str.
Tel.: (+359 56) 84 52 66
Fax: (+359 56) 84 39 42
E-mail: slavianka@abv.bg
E-mail: slaviankar@abv.bg
Eng. Boris Petkov Karamanov, executive director Production of fish tin and fish delicacy Yes, as a direct contractor We would like to take part in the recovery of Iraq by supply of food products (fish tin) as humanitarian help  
117 Bulgaria Blvd.
Tel.: (+359 32) 96 21 25, 96 21 45
Fax: (+359 32) 96 21 26
E-mail: headoffice@sugar.banksoft-bg.com
Petio Stoikov, executive director Production and trade with sugar goods No Production and trade with sugar goods biscuits, wafers, chocolates, caramel sweets Developing of a fund for support of the companies which will take part in the reconstruction of Iraq
37 AGRIMA PLC   Vasil Zlatev Petkov Production, bottling and distribution of natural and gas mineral water, soft drinks, juices No Production, bottling and distribution of natural and gas mineral water, soft drinks, juices  
38 TOP KONSERV PLC Yambol, Industrial estate
22, Chetirinadeseta Str.
P.O.Box 439
Tel.: (+359 46) 644 07
Fax: (+359 46) 644 06
D.Gancheva, executive director Production of dry fruits and vegetables. Production of onion flour for Japan, sliced and crashed onion. 100t dry onion available at the moment.ISO9001:2000 No Supply with food products  
39 EVRICOM LTD 6000 Stara Zagora
20, Gurko Str.
Tel.: +359 42 620 727, 308 28
Fax: +359 42 490 88
E-mail: evricom@evricom.starazagora.net
Nedelcho Atanasov Manufacturing of candles, trade with paraffin Yes, as a subcontractor

Supply with paraffin candles Red Cross 1999 2002 11 orders for 3,1 mil candles

Supply with paraffin candles as humanitarian delivery We expect information about announced auctions for humanitarian delivery
40 KONTRAGENT 35 LTD 6000 Stara Zagora
Industrial estate, Central postoffice, P.o.Box 117
Tel.: +359 42 55173
Fax: +359 42 600129
E-mail: office@contragent.com
Eng.Stancho Ivanov Pantov Electrotechnics and energetics. Supply with equipment and materials for production, transfer and distribution of electricity; Production of electrical devices, export and import of equipment for the electric industry; Home and industrial construction;

Manufacturing of working and special protection clothes;

Production of grain fodder

Yes, as a subcontractor

Energy distribution;

Equipment for energetic divisions of industrial enterprises

Construction of electro energetic objects Manufacturing of working and special protection clothes;

Production of grain fodder

Supply with electro-equipment, personal protection products, working and safety clothes, grain fodder Information about auctions, contacts with American and English direct contractors
41 BIOMAGIA LTD 4003 Plovdiv
2 Dragota Str.
Tel./Fax: (+359 32) 65 14 12
E-mail: biomagia@plov.omega.bg
E-mail: www.biomagia.hit.bg
Eng. Snejana Bojkova, manager Production of egg powder No Supply with egg powder  
42 DEVIN PLC 4800 Devin
6, V.Levski Str.
Tel: (+359 30 41) 49 37
Fax: (+359 30 41) 47 17
E-mail: devin@infotel.bg
, Bottling of mineral water Devin No Supply with mineral water Devin Support in public procurement for mineral water supply
43 BULAGO PLC 6004 Stara Zagora
164, Otec Paisii Str.
Tel.: +359 42 600 171 - 174
Fax: +359 42 600 175
Hristofor Bunardjiev, executive director Trade with fertilizers and plant protection products, grains, agricultural products. No Supply with wheat, maize, sunflower seeds, fertilizers and plant protection products, agricultural machines, fuel and grease Protection of the interests of the Bulgarian companies which want to participate the recovery process in Iraq, delivery of information
65, Raina Kandeva Str.
Tel: (+359 42) 60 80 15; 60 80 17
Fax: (+359 42) 60 80 17
Robertino Mitkov Ivanov Production and trade with mixtures of vitamins and minerals, grain fodder, distribution of raw materials for grain fodder Yes, as a direct contractor

Supply with animal food

Supply and assembling of production lines for grain fodder

Supply with animal food

Supply and assembling of production lines for grain fodder

16 Pencho Minev Str.
Tel.: (+359 42) 60 08 49
Tel.: (+359 42) 60 08 87
Tel.: (+359 42) 60 08 82
Fax: (+359 42) 60 08 37
E-mail: trayana_91@mail.orbitel.bg
Hristo Georgiev Papazov Trade with materials for furniture industry, production of furniture Yes, as a direct contractor

Materials for furniture construction, MDF, PDC, plywood, metal elements; production of any kind of furniture

Supply with materials / PDC, MDF / for any kind of furniture Yes
4, Ilinden sq.
Tel./Fax: +359 747 2054
Lilia Gurova Bottling of mineral water Pirinski ruchei, Production of alcoholic drinks No Mineral water Pirinski ruchei; Production capacity 1 container 20 feet, 7 days for delivery Information about requirements on packing and labels
47 NATALIA PLC Stara Zagora
Tel.: (+359 42) 86 31 37
Fax: (+359 42) 86 60 24
E-mail: natalia@natalia-sz.com
Eng. Anko Azlakov Production of knitted fabrics No Supply with clothes  
48 HEMUS MARK PLC 8005 Burgas
complex Slaveikov
Eng. Atanaska Manolova, executive director Production and trade with office materials stickers, pens, markers, pencils, paper etc. No Supply with office materials stickers, pens, markers, pencils, paper etc. Sole producer of scotch tape and pens, markers, pencils
Assenovgradsko shaussee
Tel.: (+359 326) 68 28 99
Fax: (+359 326) 62 70 53
Atanas Georgiev Rusinov Production of sugar and chocolate products No Production of croissants, wafers, biscuits and sugar products  
Tel.: (+359 42) 61 96 00
Fax: (+359 42) 61 96 04
E-mail: terra@terragroup-bg.com
Dinko Ivanov Production of knitted fabrics No Construction;

Supply with food products from poultry

51 VITEX TROYAN PLC Troyan 5600
Tel: (+359 670) 224 28
Fax: (+359 670) 235 44
E-mail: vitex@vitexgroup.com
Eng. Ivan Dichevski, executive director Production of wool textile, fabrics, blankets, water and fire proof textile No Export of wool textile, blankets  
52 DENITZA KT Plovdiv
2A, Dilianka Str.
Tel.: (+359 32) 95 90 29
Fax: (+359 32) 95 42 79
E-mail: Denitza_kt@dir.bg
Milko Stoychev, chairman Food processing


No Food processing: powder crèmes, soups, sauces, dietetic and diabetic food, spices

Sheets, shirts, pyjamas etc.

53 CHIMIMPORT JSC 1080- Sofia
2, Stefan Karadja Str.
Tel.:( +359 2) 980 16 11
Fax: (+359 2) 981 37 64
E-mail: ofice@chimimport.bg
E-mail: chimoil@chimimport.bg
Dimitar Kalchev- Executive Director

Nikola Mishev- Executive Director

Companys scope of activity is as follows:

- import, export, re-export and other commercial operations with crude oil, chemical, petroleum and petrochemical products and all other goods not prohibited by law;

- commission, forwarding and storage activity, commercial representation and agency;

- sale of goods of own production;

- acquisition, management and sale of interests in Bulgarian and foreign companies;

- financing of the companies the company has interest in;

- tourist activity - hotel business, restaurant business. Agency activity, tourist agency activity and provision of additional tourist services;

- banking; insurance; life insurance; pensions fund.

Yes, as a direct contractor

1/Chimimport is registered as a supplier with the UN Procurement and Transportation Division under the No:UN Vendor ID No. 7247

2/Since 1992 Chimimport wins regularly the tenders organized by th UNHCR for the delivery of fuel oils .

3/Chimimport has realized export of crude oil from Iraq under a contract dated 11 December 1996 and approved by UN during the first phase of the programme oil-for-food on the implementation of SCR 986 (United Nations document S/1996/356, dated 20 May 1996).

1/In all stated fields of activity as registrated by Chimimport JSC.

2/To resume the realization of the Contract MXX/35 dated 20 March 1990 . between SOMO-Iraq and Chimimport JSC for the delivery of 4 750 000 MT of crude oil from Iraq, which was discontinued in 1991 because of the war and the laid embargo.

3/To participate in the programme oil-for-food. Chimimport has been the only regular supplier of Iraqi crude oil for the Bulgarian refinery since 1977.

4/To organise export to Iraq of :

-Tyres for automobiles and for electric trucks;

-Batteries for motor-vehicles;

-Plant protection products;


-Pharmaceutic and medicines;

-Sanitary and hygiene packages .

Provision of state warranties regarding the payments..
54 CHIMMASH PLC 6300 Haskovo
69, Saedinenie Blvd.             Tel.: +359 38 66-49-91        Fax: +359 38/ 66-10-36 himmash@haskovo.net
Maria Nikolova Ibrishimova Production of technology equipment, repairs and maintenance, trade No Construction of equipment and steel constructions for the chemical, biotechnological, pharmaceutical, perfumery and foodstuff industry, for metallurgy and building sector, equipment for petrol refineries  
55 NATURAL PRODUCT 2000 LTD 4004 Plovdiv
30, Lucien Shevalas Str.
Tel.: +359 88 524 142
Fax: +359 32 677 489
Slavcho Pepelishev Bottling of mineral water Hisar spring Krasnovo
Bottling of soft drinks
No Supply with mineral water quantities minimum 20-30 TIR trucks /20t/ a month
Route: Sofia-Baghdad via Turkey
Transport expenses -2300 2500 USD/truck, Time to deliver 3 days from loading
Assistance in logistics
60, Orlovska str.

Tel./fax: +359 66 24436; 066 24923

Prodan Borisov Prodanov Production of tea, spices, food stuff
Manufacturing of shoes
Production of wooden furniture
No Supply with tea, spices, food stuff, shoes, wooden furniture Yes
57 VELGRAF GROUP 4, Sv. Nedelia Sq.
1000 Sofia
tel.: +359 2 930 7550
fax: +359 2 988 4833
Bogdan Vasilev Ugarchinski Deign, construction and exploitation of industrial plants in Bulgaria and abroad, trade, consulting      
58 PANDA 1528 Sofia
Drujba 1
12, Ilia beshkov Str
tel.: +359 2 973 15 95, 973 48 21
fax:+359 2 978 45 16
Raicho Georgiev Raichev, CEO Import, export, trade with office materials, furniture, electronic devices
Representative of Globul for Bulgaria
59 NOVOTECHPROM STEFAN SHOSELOV   Stefan Rashev Shoselov Design and construction of industrial cooling and ventilation equipment      
51, James Boucher Blvd.
Tel.: +359 2/66-50-52; 9607-800
Fax: +359 2/66-89-51
Miladin Minchev, Executive Director
Tanko Lesov, CEO
Research, feasibility studies, design, engineering geological investigations, consulting, engineering and commercial activities in the field of: power industry, thermal, hydro, nuclear, transfer, distribution and efficient utilization of electricity, thermal energy and water resources, nuclear and radiationsafety and environment protection, renewable energy. ISO9001. Yes, as a direct and subcontractor
Rebuilding of damlake and barrage in Algeria, participation in reconstruction of transition and distribution lines, electric power stations in Algeria and Serbia and countries of former Yugoslavia
Damlakes, barrages, water supply, irrigation, electric power supply, electric power stations (researches, design, engineering  
61 VITEX TROYAN PLC 5600 Troyan
87, Gen. Kartsov str.
Tel.: +359 670 22 428
Fax: +359 670 23 544
Eng. Ivan Dichevski, Executive director Manufacturing of wool fabrics 100% wool and woolen mixtures, woolen yarns, blankets, fire and water proof textile No Export of woolen fabrics, blankets and linoleum  
62 HERCU PLC 4023 Plovdiv
p.o.Box 78
tel.: +359 35 626725
fax: +359 32 623779
Angel Ivanov, Valinski, Executive director Fork lifts 1.6 16t Yes, as a direct contractor
Fork lifts for petrol companies
Fork lifts 1.6 16t  
63 SLANCHO PLC 5250 Svishtov
16, Dunav str.
Tel.: +359 631 60165
Fax: +359 631 23606
Borimir Georgiev Tsvetanov, Manager Manufacturing of dry foods for children and infants, wheat flour, cereals, pasta, wheat and oats flakes Yes, as a subcontractor
1992-2002 humanitarian help for Macedonia and former Yugoslavia, ordered by ICRC
Food supply  
64 SERDIKA 90 PLC 9300 Dobrich
100, 25 septemvri Str.
Tel.: +359 58 600 882
fax: +359 58 601 216
Ivan Ivanov, Executive director Diary products No Diary products  
65 SAMOKOVSKA KOMUNA" JSC 14.Prespa str.
2000, Samokov
Angel Angelov Samokovska komuna JSC nowadays offers a various range of articles, and especially in the field of blankets, bed coverings and last but not least warm lining for the shoe and sewing industry. No Geotextile  
66 DECHKO KOLEV - IDA Stara Zagora
Industrial Estate
Promishlena Str.
P.O.Box 396
Tel.: +359 42/39-505;39-298
Fax: +359 42/612-854
Eng. Dechko Kolev Engineering in power engineering, metallurgy, cement and other industries
Unique equipment and machines: metal constructions, containers
No Engineering in power engineering, metallurgy, cement and other industries
Unique equipment and machines: metal constructions, containers
67 ZMM BULGARIA HOLDING AD 10-12. Dammyan Gruev Stree, Sofia 1606, BULGARIA,
Tel: +359 2 981 07 53, 981 15 06
Fax: +359 2 981 43 14
url: www.zmmbulgaria.com
e-mail: office@zmmbulgaria.com
Angel Stoianov Katcarov . Design, production and delivery of machine tools - wide range of Universal lathes and accessories for them; CNC lathes. 2. Marketing and trade activity in the area of machine tolls and complete projects, trade representation and agency. 3. Design and production of multi - purpose and speciallized machine tools and complete deliveries for technological processes. 4. Production of column drilling machines and woodworking machines. 5. Production of band sawing machines. 6. Production of large dimensions iron castings for metal cutting and metal working machines. 7. Production of prismatic and rotary parts and units, gear wheels and spare parts for machine tools. 8. Production of welded parts and mechanical machining for them. 9. Assembly, putting in operation, guarantee and after guarantee service. 10. In - built CNC machines: Fagor, Siemens, Heidenhein, Fanuc, Eta and others on customer's request. Yes, as a direct and subcontractor
ZMM BULGARIA HOLDING AD has a great experience in a field of supplying and adopting bulgarian metal cutting machines in Iraq and other Arabian countries in the region. It was accomplished first training staff of using metal cutting machines and service working repeatedly.
These countries was visited by our bulgarian specialists.
Like direct and non-direct executor supplying:
1. Universal complex work-shops for repair-restorable works and machines maintainance, equipment and installation in machine construction structures, transport, chemical industry, construction, farming and other fields.
The work-shops include general: universal lathe /one or more/, cutting machine, universal milling machine, /one or more/, set of hand electrical mechanizated instruments, /drilling machine/, set of mechanic hand instruments /for electrotechnic/, set of cutting instruments for lathe tool, milling, cutting and drilling operations.
2. Metal-cutting machines supply for setting structures:
- cutting machines /handable, semi-automatic and automatic/ for cutting operations to black and coloured metal profiles with demansions up 320 mm.
- universal lathes for machine details with diametres up to 1324 mm swing over bed and leght up to 5000 mm.
- universal milling machines
- CNC lathes
3. Specialized tub cutting machines for machine tubs for chemical industry and construction with diametre up to 12"/315 mm.
4. Repair parts supply and bulgarian metal cutting machines repair restorable works.
68 NORTH STAR LTD Sofia 1000
42, Hr. Belchev Str.
Tel.: (+359 2) 962 78 45
Fax: (+359 2) 962 78 39
GSM: (+359 88) 70 01 74
E-mail: North_star@abv.bg
Chavdar Yankov Production, engineering, marketing research, logistics, consulting, export import, representation No


69 LIVIA - M - TOMOVA &CO 1404 Sofia
Strelbishte, Gotse Delchev Blbd., bl. 24, 1st fl. ap. 3
Valeria Tomova Production of bed linen - sheets, quilts, bed covers etc. No Equipment for hospitals, sheets  
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