Bulgaria in the EU

Information about the certification of invitation-declarations for business trips of foreigners to the Republic of Bulgaria

      We are German-Bulgarian company, located in Bulgaria and registered as a Bulgarian legal entity under the Law on Commerce, and we are willing to hire employees from Germany in the near future. In this connection we would like to know whether it is possible and if so we are interested in acquiring information about the regulations, procedures and conditions we have to keep to and to follow?

      Cabotage (ex. Transport Paris-Lyon) is not allowed for Bulgarian hauliers until 2010, but is there any restriction for Bulgarian carriers to perform transport between different EU countries (i.e. from France to Italy)?
      The Bulgarian hauliers are allowed to perform intracomunity transport (between EU countries). The only restrictions are for cabotage.

      We are entrepreneurs from Spain and we are interested in setting up a company in Bulgaria. What are the requirements? And what procedures we have to follow?

      Is the Bulgarian legislation concerning the restrictions for packaging and other materials (like bottles, cans, kitchen ware, etc.) coming into contact with food is fully harmonized with the EU legislation and if so - are there additional (non-EU) provisions?
      The Bulgarian legislation is fully harmonized with the EU acquis – e.g. 2002/72/EC (Directive for Plastic Materials), etc. and applies strictly the EC Regulations in this field – e.g. Regulation (EC) 1935/2004 (Framework Directive) etc. and there is no additional non-EU legislation.

      We are French citizens and we’d like to set up a tea-room (we would produce French pastries) in Bulgaria. How shall we proceed and what rules to follow?
      If you want to start-up business in Bulgara (produce pastries), you have to:
      1. Register a company in Bulgaria (more information how to do it you may find on the following web address http://www.eic.bcci.bg/index1.htm “Guidance Chart”
      2. Register with the local municipality
          For Sofia:
          Department "Regulation of trade activity"
          44 Oborishte Str.
          Tel.: (+359 2) 943 35 44
          Fax: (+359 2) 943 36 17
      3. Get sanitary permit/licence fom the local Hygiene Epidemiological Inspection (XEČ) to prove that your Pastry-shop meets the sanitary requirements.
          Hygiene Epidemiological Inspection - Sofia:
          64 Neofit Rilski Str.
          Sofia 1000
          Tel.: (+359 2) 987 42 08
          Tel/Fax: (+359 2) 981 22 56
          E-mail: hei-sofia@medicalnet-bg.org
      4. Implement HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critcal Control Points) in cooperation with the Hygiene Epidemiological Inspection to guarantee that you keep good level of hygiene and control in your activities.